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Child-Centered Play Therapy

Credits: None available.

Highly practical, instructive, and authoritative, this book vividly describes how to conduct child-centered play therapy. The authors are master clinicians who explain core therapeutic principles and techniques, using rich case material to illustrate treatment of a wide range of difficulties. The focus is on non-directive interventions that allow children to freely express their feelings and take the lead in solving their own problems. Flexible yet systematic guidelines are provided for setting up a playroom; structuring sessions; understanding and responding empathically to children's play themes, including how to handle challenging behaviors; and collaborating effectively with parents.

Play Therapy Primary Areas:

  • History
  • Seminal / Historically Significant Theories
  • Skills and Methods

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the background and relevance of CCPT.
  • Discuss CCPT Techniques and playroom logistics.
  • Describe how to appropriately involve parents and school personnel.
  • Recite the appropriate ways to handle and document touch in CCPT.
  • Discuss studies which show empirical support for CCPT and FT.


  • 6.00 - CE Hours/Credits