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Applications of Family and Group Theraplay

Credits: None available.

Applications of Family and Group Theraplay is rich in content and practical ideas guided by current research in attachment and neurobiological research. Most chapters are illustrated with a case study, including agendas from beginning, middle, and end sessions with an extensive appendix describing each activity, to help translate theory into practice. Theraplay, a research based therapeutic model that has gained increasing attention worldwide, is described in this book from its theory (based on attachment theory), research, to its underlying dimensions (structure, challenge, engagement, nurture) applied to a wide diversity of populations and formats. The book describes activities that have underlying goals of increasing parental attunement, creating a caring, accepting environment and co-regulating the child. It replicates normal parent/child interactions that are playful, physical, and fun. Applying Theraplay to a wide variety of populations (dysregulated, resistant, aggressive, impulsive, adopted, autistic, traumatized) and cultures (Aboriginals, American, Asian, German, Finnish) is included, as well as integrating Theraplay with other treatment methods. It also describes group Theraplay with father/son dyads and with troubled adolescents and offenders. This book will not only lead to a greater understanding of Theraplay, but will also stretch the reader's skills in the application of this very effective play therapy model.

Play Therapy Primary Areas:
  • History
  • Seminal / Historically Significant Theories
  • Skills and Methods
  • Special Topics

Learning Objectives:

  • Present an overview of the main tenants of Theraplay.
  • Explain applications of Theraplay to a wide variety of populations including those coming from cross cultural contexts.
  • Describe case studies illustrating the beginning, middle and end sessions of Theraplay.
  • Discuss modifications of Theraplay integrating other treatment modalities.
  • Illustrate family and group Theraplay formats as a way of enhancing parent/child attachments.
  • Describe the sequential nature of brain development.
  • Compare traditional play therapies with Theraplay.



  • 8.00 - CE Hours/Credits