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A Manual of Dynamic Play Therapy: Helping Things Fall Apart, the Paradox of Play

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Children will experience natural growth and change throughout their lives. Play, by its very nature, always results in things falling apart, often literally, and children generally find satisfaction in this process of collapse and renewal. This book harnesses the power of the reorganizing process to elicit positive and profound change in children dealing with social, neurological, developmental, health and family issues. The author clarifies the theory behind this innovative play therapy approach, and explains its practical application to a full spectrum of client needs, using inspirational, real-life anecdotes as examples. He also describes the importance of using symbols in play therapy and focuses on ways to enable children to act out their internal aggression in a safe and healthy manner. This will be essential reading for play therapists and other professionals working therapeutically with children and their families.

Play Therapy Primary Areas:
  • Skills and Methods

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the paradox of play.
  • Describe various play materials that support the therapeutic healing of aggression in play.
  • Critique dynamic play therapy and how the falling apart of the play can lead to profound healing in a child.
  • Discuss the importance of symbols in play.



  • 4.00 - CE Hours/Credits